The Green Story
     As a result of the union of Lewis Green and Sallie Scott Green nine children were born. Among the nine children were the following: Arthur, William, Lillian, Louvenia, Phillip, Thomas, Lewis, Jr., Solomon and Janie. These children grew, matured, found mates of their own, and they too became parents.
     The first child was Arthur. Uncle Arthur and his wife Zora, had as many children as their parents had. Their children are R.T., Erma, Rosa, Lindy, Harry, Leon, Arthur, Jr., and Izora. The deceased members of this family are Uncle Arthur, Aunt Zora, R.T., Rosa, Izora and Leon.
     The second child was William. William married Viola Holman. They reared nine children. Their children are Sallie, William, Jr., Henry, Willie Lue, Barbara, Vivian, James Edward, Linda and John Marion. The deceased members of this family are Uncle William, Aunt Viola, William, Jr, Sallie, James Edward and John Marion.
     The third child was Lillian. Lillian married Richard Wright, and eventually they became the parents of six children. Their children are Molly, Richard, Jr., Leomia (Lee), Thomas, Charlotte and Shirley. The deceased members of this family are Aunt Lillian, Uncle Richard, Molly, Charlotte, Richard, Jr., Leomia (Lee), Shirley and Thomas.

     The fourth child was Louvenia, whom we all called Aunt Patty. Louvenia married John Tatum, and they became the parents of five children. Their children are John, Jr., Beatrice, Herman, Samuel and Lula.  The deceased members of this family are Uncle John, Aunt Patty, Beatrice, Herman, Samuel and John, Jr.

     The fifth child was Phillip. Phillip married Eloise. Uncle Phillip and Aunt Eloise reared eight children. Their children are Lillie, Martha, Bernice, Phillip, Jr., John, Robert, Abraham and Corine. The deceased members of this family are Uncle Phillip, Aunt Eloise and Martha.
     The sixth child was Thomas. Uncle Thomas married Gladys, and they had four children. Their children are Helen, Ruby, Ulysses and Carol. The deceased members of this family are Uncle Thomas, Aunt Gladys, Ruby, Helen and Ulysses.
     The seventh child was Lewis, Jr., nicknamed Little Lewis. Lewis and his wife Lillie had eleven children. Their children are Murry, Willie, Luther, Janie, King David, Roger, Carrie Bell, Eugene, James, John and Bernard. The deceased members of this family are Aunt Lillie, Uncle Lewis, Murry, Willie, King David, Roger, John, and Bernard.

     The eighth child was Solomon. Solomon and his wife Gedell had seven children. Their children are Eartha, Rosa Marie, Verdell, Emma, Mary (Patsy), Jacqueline and Solomon, Jr. Later, Zachary, another son, was added to this family. The deceased members of this family are Uncle Solomon, Aunt Gedell, Eartha, Emma, Rosa Marie and Mary (Patsy).

     The ninth child was Janie. Aunt Janie and her husband Thomas had eight children. Their children are Thomas, Jr., Raymond, Ruth Anne, Joseph, Shirley, Ivory, Robert and Diane. The deceased members of this family are Uncle Thomas and Aunt Janie.
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