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Lonny Green (Keitt)
October 21, 1982 lonnykeitt@yahoo.com chambersburg PA US Married 1 Arthur and Zora Green
I am the only son to the late Izora Green Keitt. Send Lonny a MessageSend Lonny a Message
James Little,III
September 26, 1984 jameslittle3@gmail.com Naples FL US Manufacturing Engineer Married 2 The Late Great William Green and Viola Holman Green
 Family First Send James a MessageSend James a Message
Zachary McCray
mccrayz1@gmail.com Fredericksburg VA US Audio Visual Engineer Married 3
Let's Go Family!
Send Zachary a MessageSend Zachary a Message
Renee Tatum
May 19, 1970 SweetasRenee1@aol.com Middle River MD US United States Postal Service Single 1 Samuel Tatum Sr. (Luevina Green)
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Samuel Samuel Tatum Jr (Tatum Jr)
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September 21, 1977 aftergenesis@me.com Washington DC US General Sales Manager Single Samuel Tatum (Luevina Green)
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Saman Little (Triplin)
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December 13, 1982 tresmom06@gmail.com Greensboro NC US Registered Nurse 2 William Green & Viola Holman Green
Send Saman a MessageSend Saman a Message
Erica Wannamaker
October 16, 1973 washew@scdhhs.gov Cordova US Administrative Specialist II Single 1 Solomon Green Sr.
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Shirley Green (Wiggins)
prosperity4535@yahoo.com Greensboro NC US Divorced Lillian
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Jacqueline Green (Williams)
September 26, 1961 grnwms@yahoo.com Cordova SC US Full Time Ministry Married 2 Solomon & Gedell Green Sr.
To God Be the Glory! For what he is doing in our family.  Send Jacqueline a MessageSend Jacqueline a Message
Barbara Green (Woodruff)
October 16, 1946 bwood16@gmail.com Orangeburg SC US Retired Teacher Married 2 William Green, Sr.
 Our family reunion was a  wonderful,  blessed event.  I was happy to meet and see cousins I had  not seen in numerous years! Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
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